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Okay, so a lot of dogs and their hoomanz (especially you Poodle Lovers) have been asking about Pop Art and Psychedelia. What the heeey, man!??!

I don’t know what you’ve been smoking or what shrooms you’ve been licking at the park, but I’ll take things in order here. Sort of. Or at least I’ll try.

Let’s start at the top. With Jimi.

We all know who Jimi was. But here’s the psychedeal: in 1967, The Jimi Hendrix Experience released their debut album, Are You Experienced. This album gave crazy-a** notoriety to Jimi’s R&B turned psychedelic guitar filled with all sorts of wild feedback and a howling dog type of sound. You try and tell me you haven’t howled or barked to any music before. Pop Art for the mind.

Man…it was beautiful. And yep, it made Jimi a really big star.

Purple Haze. Great name for a Poodle, right? No, it’s not “Scuze me while I kiss this guy!” Everybody keeps screwing up those lyrics. Of course that’s a hooman thing. Us dogs would mistake it for sniffing another dog’s butt. But, I digress here.

And here are some dog treat tid-bits here for you pet lovers to check out regarding that wild album.

Have you ever heard of Bubble Puppy? They had a hit with Hot Smoke and Sassafras way back in those psychedelic days too. Love that name and so do the rest of my 4 legged friends.

Is Pop Art psychedelic? Of course it is. Sort of. Yeah I think. Who cares? Appreciate it for the colors; both the Pop Art and psychedelic colors. Both are worthy of a Milk-Bone™ or two.

Think of it as something nice to ponder and listen to while you rest your head on a pillow and dream of chasing bunnies with pet mobiles swaying in the breeze.

So, remember: Poodle art lead to Psychedelia. That lead to Pop Art. Which lead to Pup Art.

It’s what Poodle lovers look for. Hell, it’s what all pet lovers are looking for.

So, peace and love, and always be large and in charge!

Your lovable Guardian Angel Pal!

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