Rescue Poodle


Dear Rolo,
I’ve been hearing a lot of “April showers bring May flowers.” What the heck is it? Is it a Thanksgiving reboot?

I keep hearing this, all month long. Is this sort of an all work and no play threat? Nothing to chase? Or will there be mud? I like mud. Will there be mud? And do I get to roll and dig in the mud?

Please clarify!
Annie in Reno


Hey Annie!
April showers? That whole thing has been a remote concept this year for here in AZ. Humans have this silly saying along with thinking that less than pleasant things bring about better stuff. Yeah, whatever I say.

Mud? Yeah, dig that mud! Woof! But if you’re getting rain in Reno and your humans won’t let you out to play and sing in the rain, a dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. But while inside. If there are other 4 legged friends to play with, then great. If not, then treat every chew toy you can find like a rascal that needs to be taught a lesson…mutilate and carry it around like a trophy. Your trophy. You’re the boss.

Remember, humans love us. They’re pet lovers, which means they like cats, raccoons, elk and probably mice. So if you find a mouse outside (in the mud), bring it inside to join in the fun with you. Mice look great on a pillow, sort of like your own little pet mobile.

When you can’t be in the great outdoors, bring the great outdoors in for all to enjoy.

And always be large and in charge!
Your Guadian Angel Pal!

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