Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Hey! Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas?

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 12…that’s not a lot of time left, doesn’t matter if it’s dog years or human years. It’s almost here (I was at my favorite beach!).

Watcha gonna do? So what’s a dog/gal/guy to do?

Yeah, I’m answering my own advice column here. In case you were wondering. Yep.

Check out this newest portrait of ME. Yes. Me. My pals at OMG PetArt did this custom portrait of yours truly here.

Woof, I look good!

20% Off Custom Pet Portraits

Anyway, a nice bottle of wine is always a good start. After that, you should consider a custom pet portrait like that beauty of yours truly. Plus, they’re 20% off right now for Mom’s Day! Check out our website for more details, just use the code OMGMOM20 when ordering. Another grand idea is a gift card…that way your mum can get anything her little heart pleases. Especially after you brought in that semi-mangled mouse last week. Yeah, you. Try not to be THAT dog.

With the gift card, your mom will be able to get herself any kind of custom pet portrait she wants, or a poodle pillow, a pet mobile, etc. Check outwhat’s in store at the OMG PetArt gallery.

Your mom’s a pet lover, right? She’ll love you that much more if you come through with something cool, pal. Heck, I think any of the humanz you come across will totally love you for it!

And…even if your pet humanz are cat lovers, there are some pet angels and ornaments that are cats. For cats. About cats. Anyway, they’re cat angels.

Let me know if you need any help or have any questions, I can help you with regarding those perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas.

I’m ALWAYS large and in charge.


Your Guardian Angel Pal!

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