This is the first blog post. You’re welcome. I’m a poodle. A parti spoo. You’ll get the hang of thanking me.

A little more about my background…

I live in Arizona with my humans. I’ve got them nicely trained.

Being a take charge type of dog, I’ll give out advice

I have a lot of really good-hair days, thank you. I like my me-time, but I also like hanging out with my humans and Stevi.

Stevi is a mature Spoo who’s done a great job of teaching me the ropes and taking me under her wing on a thing or two.

She has really good-hair days as well.

I like to sit on the seat cushion of the front window and look out over my domain. I lord over things as far as the eye can see. I can spot rabbits hopping around as well as quail and other birds scurrying around. I get bored easy, so I’d prefer to chase them, which I do when they’re in the backyard. Woo hoo!

I like going for long walks, chasing a ball, marking that which is mine. Blah blah blah.

Here’s why you’re gonna love my blog. Being a take charge type of dog, I’ll give out advice (yes, you’ll thank me for it too), dining, wine suggestions, party etiquette, gardening, travel (down the street and abroad), and my great IQ, along with other useful stuff.




What kind of commands are those? Humans are so basic. Can’t you get a little more creative than SSH?

Remember, I’m large and in charge. And…OMG! you’ll want to be a lot like me too.


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