It’s my Birthday!

I turned three years old the other day. That’s twenty-one in human years. I’m a legal-beagle now! Ask for my ID, I’ll show my shiny canines and grin. But go ahead and feel free to pet me. I like that.

I can go on to any Rolo friendly patio to be admired and idolized by any pet lover humanz sitting around. One of my favorite tricks is the reaction I get when I mark a chair or rose bush on my way off the patio.

It’s my party, and I’ll bark if I want to
Bark if I want to, howl if I want to
You would howl too if was your birthday too

Ziggy and I have been partying non-stop-bop-bark for a few days now. There are some brand new shiny holes in the yard. Stuffed toys have been gloriously disemboweled. Yes, even the wild & crazy coyotes roaming the Phoenix Desert Preserve near Papago would be proud.

One really cool thing is that I now have a couple more loud, squeaky and colorful toys. I bite down, they squeak. Thanks to my pals here at OMG PetArt!

One has to love being a Leo! It’s a never ending fiesta. Yep! It’s a dog’s life. And this dog’s life is good.

I’m ALWAYS large and in charge.
Your Guardian Angel Pal!

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