Poodle at beach


Dear Rolo,

It’s mid-July and I’m tired of seeing other mutts on TV have all the fun while running around in the middle of the afternoon. Have you tried that here in Phoenix in these Dog Days of Summer?

I swear I saw this little Corgi spontaneously combust at the park last week. I have no desire to end up like that. Do you? Nope. Not me.

What should I do? Better yet, where can I convince my humanz to take me to? Tired of sweating and being uptight all the time. Makes me want to bark.

Help me, Rolo. Help help me, Rolo!
Timmy in Tempe


Yo Timmy!

I know what you mean. That’s a bummer about that exploding Corgi though. I did see a Sheepadoodle almost combust one time, but we threw water on her and then she was okay.

Personally, I like the beach. I love the beach. But then again, I’m from the Carlsbad area. The Beach.

Yep, I’m a SoCal Parti Spoo Boy.

I know not all dogs or humanz like the beach (I’ve no idea who they are though) because of the sand, or something about spongey bad hair days, or maybe a gull pooped on them at one time. Who knows and who cares? I like the beach and jumping the waves.

If your humanz won’t take you to the beach, then head north to some pines and lots of shade trees. There’s lots of rabbits and squirrels to chase around up in Northern AZ. Now, if I could just figure out how to climb a damn tree. If you go north, take a poodle pillow with you, you’ll need it for somewhat of a long car ride.

Try bribing your humanz. How about a gift card for something really cool? Once they soften up with the card, tell them there’s wine and even beer at the beach. And don’t wait till September to go. Go now! Hint: Temecula isn’t far from Carlsbad.

There…stick with me and I’ll get those humanz worshipping you in no time! My pals at OMG PetArt and I care about your sanity and peace of mind, and we know the toll taken by these Dog Days of Summer. We’re all pet lovers here.

Have a great summer, Timmy. and always be large and in charge!
Your Guardian Angel Pal!

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