Poodle wearing a tie



Dear Rolo,
Help! Father’s Day is next week…how’d that happen? Did humans mess with the calendar? What gives?

I don’t have a friggin’ clue as to what gifts to get. I don’t want to come off as lame and get a tie (no offense, Rolo). What should I do? Where do I start?

Help me, Rolo, help help me, Rolo!
Coolio in Columbus


Hey Coolio!
I’m glad to help you out here. How about a gift card for something really smart? Does your dad worship you? You’re a dog, he certainly should. My pals here at OMG PetArt care about your humanz on Father’s Day.

This’ll take a lot of the pressure off you and there’s lots of great stuff for pet lovers on there. The pet mobiles are cool, and they even have a cat pet angel.

If they’re into that kind of cat thing. Cats are cool though, I like all our 4 legged friends.

And of course, (once you’ve bought a gift card), how about craft beer? There’s some really cool stuff being done brewed out there. And a couple of six packs wrap nicely. You’re a dog, think uniqueness.

There’s also wine. Go red. Especially if it’s a day for steak. Plus, you’ll get a scrap and a sip or two. Then maybe you can snuggle on one of the colorful poodle pillows and take a nap on the couch while your dad holds the remote and a beverage in hand.

Just don’t lay any dead trophies from outside on the pillows. Humanz get all worked about that type-o-thing. Keep it clean.

Think of the joy and that goofy eyed look that your dad will get on his face when he sees what you gave him. You know how excited they get. And remember, the gift card for Father’s Day is pretty versatile and if you play your cards right, you can get in on the benefit action too.

Enjoy your Father’s Day, and always be large and in charge!
Your Guardian Angel Pal!

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