• Poodle Metal Ornaments


      Poodle Metal Ornaments come in glittery red or copper and look great on your Christmas Tree! We have a Poodle Pet Angel Ornament with angel wings,   a Plain Poodle Ornament without wings and a Continental Poodle without wings available. Shipping is included.

    • Poodle Glitter Ornaments


      Poodle Glitter Christmas Tree Ornaments. Great gifts for the Holidays! Choose from either the Ruby Red Continental Poodle Ornament, Ruby Red Standard Cut Poodle Ornament or the Copper Poodle Ornament –  standard cut. Each one is made from glitter acrylic plastic and are 3” x 3”. Shipping Included for the Continental US.

    • Poodle Suncatcher


      The Poodle Suncatcher is made from aluminum (Black or Copper) or Glitter Plastic (Gold, Silver or Black). The Aluminum is a Continental Poodle and the Glitter is the Regular Cut Poodle. Hang it outside on your porch, in your window or from your rearview car window.  Enjoy watching the sun reflect from the crystals. Size is 4 1/2″ w x 14″ tall.  They are made of colorful crystal pendants of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet; All 7 Colors of the Rainbow. A 30mm crystal prism ball hangs from the bottom.

    • Poodle Pet Angels


      Personalize your Poodle Pet Angel Memorial with your pets name on a cute silver heart shaped tag that hangs from its heart. We can also put your Poodles picture in a hanging pendant for an extra $10. We can also send a personalized gift message along with the poodle pet angel. Choose from our available breeds & colors below. Shipping included in Continental US. We do ship to Canada.

    • Poodle Wind Chimes


      Personalize your poodle wind chime below with the name of your poodle or a friend’s on the heart below. We can send it with a personalized note if it is a gift.  Add on 3 extra chimes below to order the longer 6 Wind Chime version. Choose your poodle cut, type of metal and pick your favorite color of glass beads. You can even mix the poodles with cats or labradors! Watch and listen to the video below to hear how nice they sound. Shipping included in Continental US. We do ship to Canada.


    • Holiday Night Lights


      Choose from either the Pink Poodle, Labrador or Cat Love Light, Orange Halloween Poodle or Labrador Pumpkin Light, Poodle Red Christmas Continental Ornament Light, or the Green Poodle or Labrador Green Pine Tree Light.  Each one is 6” x 6”, $32 and includes shipping. Each comes with a colored bulb. Buy one as a gift and one for yourself: 2 for $60.

    • Labrador Glitter Ornament


      Labrador Copper Ornaments. Great gifts for the Holidays! Each one is made from glitter acrylic plastic and are 3” x 3”. Shipping Included for the Continental US.

    • Poodle Pillows


      Custom Poodle Pillows are the perfect way to brighten up a room and show some Poodle Love. Select from 23 original Poodle Art designs from OMG PetArt™. Great gifts for Mother’s Day.

      You can personalize Style 1 & 2 with your Poodle’s name. Perfect gifts to show some love for your favorite Poodle people.

      Production time is 5-7  business days. These pillows are 100% polyester 18” x 18” with a design on both sides. You can have the same design on both front and back or have two different designs on each side. Only spot or dry clean your pillows – they don’t have zippers and are NOT machine washable.

      Choose the style of your pillow below.
      We have numbered each pillow style on the bottom right of each photo  – just use the pull down below to select that style number for each side. Free shipping in continental US.

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