It’s my Birthday!

I turned three years old the other day. That’s twenty-one in human years. I’m a legal-beagle now! Ask for my ID, I’ll show my shiny canines and grin. But go ahead and feel free to pet me. I like that.

I can go on to any Rolo friendly patio to be admired and idolized by any pet lover humanz sitting around. One of my favorite tricks is the reaction I get when I mark a chair or rose bush on my way off the patio.

It’s my party, and I’ll bark if I want to
Bark if I want to, howl if I want to
You would howl too if was your birthday too

Ziggy and I have been partying non-stop-bop-bark for a few days now. There are some brand new shiny holes in the yard. Stuffed toys have been gloriously disemboweled. Yes, even the wild & crazy coyotes roaming the Phoenix Desert Preserve near Papago would be proud.

One really cool thing is that I now have a couple more loud, squeaky and colorful toys. I bite down, they squeak. Thanks to my pals here at OMG PetArt!

One has to love being a Leo! It’s a never ending fiesta. Yep! It’s a dog’s life. And this dog’s life is good.

I’m ALWAYS large and in charge.
Your Guardian Angel Pal!


Dear Rolo, It’s mid-July and I’m tired of seeing other mutts on TV have all the fun while running around in the middle of the afternoon. Have you tried that here in Phoenix in these Dog Days of Summer? I swear I saw this little Corgi spontaneously combust at the park last week. I have…

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  Dear Rolo, Help! Father’s Day is next week…how’d that happen? Did humans mess with the calendar? What gives? I don’t have a friggin’ clue as to what gifts to get. I don’t want to come off as lame and get a tie (no offense, Rolo). What should I do? Where do I start? Help me, Rolo,…

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  Dear Rolo, What’s a good gift idea for Mother’s Day. I’m totally out of whack here on what to get, where to start. I don’t want to come off like an idiot-hound in one of those old cartoons. Nor do I want to seem overly pretentious and look like some out-of-my-league Mr. Peabody wannabe….

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Dear Rolo, I’ve been hearing a lot of “April showers bring May flowers.” What the heck is it? Is it a Thanksgiving reboot? I keep hearing this, all month long. Is this sort of an all work and no play threat? Nothing to chase? Or will there be mud? I like mud. Will there be…

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Dear Rolo, I’ve been hearing about this Year of The Dog thing. What the heck is it? Do we get round-the-clock treats all year? Do we get to chase roosters? Do refrigerators get left open and unattended for a year? Waz up? Just thinking about all this makes me wag my tail. Do we get…

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To Howl or Not to Howl?

  Dear Rolo, You still get the urge to break out into spontaneous song? You know, that wonderful feeling you get when you let out that deeply-felt “Awwwwrrrroooooo” that fades into the ethers with your eyes shut. All to entertain your pet lover human. Humans see it as howling. They’ve taken to tossing stuff at…

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Need to Lose a Few Holiday Pounds?

  Dear Rolo, Do you have any suggestions for losing some of these extra holiday pounds? My new designer harness is now tight, and I bulge all over. Too many peanut butter-flavored treats and other goodies are showing up on my body. And not in a good way. Help! Signed, Pauly the Pug ANSWER – …

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Suggestions on Stocking Stuffers?

  Dear Rolo, What would you suggest I put in my buddy Rover’s stocking for Christmas? Signed, Elwood in Chattanooga ANSWER –  Hey Elwood, I’m so glad you asked that. Dogs are always wondering what smaller items to put into a stocking for their 4 legged friends. You may be tempted to stick a bottle…

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Holiday Parties Make Me Want to Play Dead

  Dear Rolo, My calendar’s getting filled up with Holiday parties. Lots of them. Work/office parties during the week and friends/family gatherings on the weekends. It’s starting to stress me out. My tongue keeps hanging out and I’m starting to sweat it to the point that I’m wondering what’s the point? You’re a Parti Poodle….

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